Uvex Back in Peloton with Upgraded Rise Aero Road Helmet, plus Gravel Y Coming Soon

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Helmet maker Uvex returns to top-tier UCI World Tour road racing, protecting Intermarché-Circus-Wanty in the peloton with two older all-rounder & TT helmets, plus a new upgraded Rise – a surprisingly affordable light aero helmet that gets some pro- only customization. Plus, Uvex has a new gravel-specific lid on the way – the aero Gravel Y…

Uvex Rise affordable pro aero road helmet

Made-in-Germany helmet maker Uvex looks to get a renewed top-tier road racing focus, with a return to UCI World Tour sponsorship after years out of the pro race scene. Providing helmets (and sunglasses) for the Intermarché-Circus-Wanty team this season, Uvex has the two existing top road racing helmets from their lineup – the €290 max-vented all-rounder Race 9 debuted in 2019, and the €330 short -tail Race 8 time trial helmet from 2018.

Uvex road bike helmets for Intermarché-Circus-Wanty, Race 9 & 8
Uvex Race 9 (l) & Race 8 (right)

Both are said to deliver aero performance on par with their analogues in the pro peloton.

Uvex Rise affordable pro aero road bike helmet for Intermarché-Circus-Wanty, TDU warm-up
all c. uvex

But what’s really interesting seems to be their latest Rise aero helmet that sells for less than half of those other two.

Uvex Rise affordable pro aero road bike helmet, standard
Standard Uvex Rise

The standard Uvex Rise is a curious aero road helmet, it doesn’t really look that aerodynamic – beyond some nice ridges in its exposed EPS. But Uvex claims that independent 3rd party “industry-benchmark tests” comparing the new Rise against “the key WorldTour aero helmets” ranks it in the top 3 when it comes to aerodynamic advantage. And that’s from a helmet that sells for just 130€ retail (and available under 100€ in some versions on Uvex’s own e-commerce platform). I can’t really think of any other helmet nearly as affordable being worn at the top of the pro road racing circuit.

tech details

Uvex Rise affordable pro aero road bike helmet for Intermarché-Circus-Wanty, top

The Rise is a pretty conventional lid too, with 11 large vents.

Uvex Rise affordable pro aero road bike helmet for Intermarché-Circus-Wanty, front & back

It features a 2-part polycarbonate shell in-molded over conventional EPS foam. It gets a highly adjustable anatomic 3D IAS dial retention setup with comfort wing pads at the back of your head, and height adjustability at both the front & rear of the helmet, plus premium removable/washable pads inside. The standard webbing straps are pretty basic, but it uses Uvex’s adjustable fit buckle.

The result is a 270g total weight for the EN-certified helmet, and availability in two sizes S/M 52-56cm & M/L 56-59cm. The base Rise model retails for €130, the Rise CC with matte finishes for €140, and Rise CC Toscen models for €200 with a built-in smart Bluetooth crash sensor.

It seems to be universally popular across Uvex’s pro riders & ambassadors from outgoing UCI XC Eliminator World Champion to gravel bikepacking to road racing.

Intermarché Circus Wanty Pro Custom?

Uvex Rise affordable pro aero road bike helmet for Intermarché-Circus-Wanty, Rui Costa riding

Interestingly, the Uvex Rise helmets that the Intermarché-Circus-Wanty team are racing this season are not exactly the same as that <100€ version. The pros do get a slightly customized version, but the changes are pretty small. In a move to provide a more consistent & comfortable fit, the pro-only Uvex Rise helmets get the same upgraded thinner lay-flat straps of the Race 9, plus the same premium pads inside.

Uvex Rise affordable pro aero road bike helmet for Intermarché-Circus-Wanty, side

The result is the same fit & feel across all of the team’s helmets, and a savings of 15g bringing the Uvex Rise Pro down to 255g for Intermarché-Circus-Wanty.

Intermarché-Circus-Wanty team training, development for Uvex road bike helmets

Beyond these three current road helmets, Uvex has teased that the new multi-year pro team partnership is an R&D project of ongoing product development, as well. Uvex CEO Christophe Weissenberger spoke of the process of developing new performance products with the team, “Thanks to in-house development and own production facilities, the rider feedback has a direct impact on new helmets and eyewear. New uvex models are already expected in the coming months.“We’ll keep our eyes and ears open…

Uvex Gravel Y aero off-road helmet

Uvex Gravel Y aero off-road gravel bike helmet, side

In the meantime beyond the Uvex Rise, they have another new helmet almost ready for broader release. The ‘coming soon’ Uvex Gravel Y joins their existing Gravel X as a mix-up of road styling with a bit of extended temples and extra occipital protection at the rear of the helmet for when off-road riding gets a bit out of control.

Uvex Gravel Y aero off-road gravel bike helmet, front & back

The new 140€ Gravel Y features smaller vents overall and more closed-off sides & top for reduced aerodynamic drag, plus anti-insect mesh across the front openings. Two sizes for a wide range of heads (52-57 & 56-61cm) and two matte colors (light olive green or black) should be available this spring.


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