Tour de France 2021 for cycling gear that anyone can buy

The Tour de France 2022 is under way, with some of the world’s fittest athletes already winding through picturesque countryside, and blasting down the cobbled streets of historic towns. In their 1983 song Tour de France, Teutonic synth prodders Kraftwerk celebrated the ‘camaraderie and friendship’ of the riders in the face of hardship. Ironically, however, they failed to mention the most important thing about this and any cycling race: all the cool gear.

We’re going to address that now with this guide to some of the best pro cycling gear of the Tour de France. A little known fact about Le Tour is that all equipment used in it must be on general sale to the public. It may not necessarily be easy to find, nor very affordable, but if they’re using it, you can buy it. The bikes aren’t of the type you’ll find much of in our more down-to-earth guide to the best road bikes, but you will find a lot of it in our guides to the best bike computers, best turbo trainers, the best cycling helmet and so on and so on. We have a lot of cycling gear guides, but then there is so much cycling gear to buy…

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