How F1’s Red Bull Racing Uses Simulations to Make Mid-Race Calls

A partnership between Oracle and Red Bull Racing has pushed cloud computing into a central role in Formula 1 (F1) race preparation and race-day strategy. Cloud computing has allowed Red Bull Racing to run billions of race simulations each weekend. Future projects born from race-day analysis include designing a new F1 powertrain for 2026. At … Read more

Cyclists Who Pay It Forward – Gregory Maassen

Gregory Maassen first looked into e-bikes in 2019, when he “physically and mentally could not do anything other than try to survive.” Riding a regular bike was out of the question, he says. This was after receiving a diagnosis in 2018 for a condition that affects the nerves outside the brain and spinal cord, known … Read more

How Cycling Changed Me – Miranda Zeppieri

On me: Miranda Zeppieri Age: 38 Hometown: Peterborough, Ontario, CanadaOccupation: Registered early childhood educator Time Cycling: 8 yearsReason for Cycling: My passion for cycling is both fun and therapeutic, but it’s become something so much more! I found it has also become a way for me to advocate and give back to things that are … Read more

How Cycling Changed Me – Brooke Petska

On me: Brooke PetskaAge: 28Hometown: Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin Occupation: Business development/marketing director for a commercial construction company; part-time cycling/strength instructor for the Chippewa Falls YMCATime Cycling: 3 yearsReason for Cycling: Cycling gave me my life back. It’s my why and my purpose for how I now choose to live my life to the fullest. Growing … Read more

How Cycling Changed Me – Lucia Sattia

On me: Lucia SaittaAge: 60Hometown: Coeur d’Alene, IdahoOccupation: ParalegalTime Cycling: About 10 yearsReason for Cycling: I wanted to stay a step ahead of my multiple sclerosis—I was not ready to give up or give in! It has been almost 15 years since me multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis. Honestly, that was a dark day for me. … Read more

Why Cyclists Need This Micronutrient

Summer is officially here, and the cycling season is at its peak. Although the sun is out, many athletes will not get enough of the “sunshine vitamin” to ensure peak performance and to keep injuries at bay. In fact, the Cleveland Clinic estimates that more than 40 percent of the US population is vitamin D … Read more

The Secrets to Excelling at Gravel Cycling According to Sarah Max

As a financial journalist, Sarah Max has covered the money beat for publications including Forbes and The New York Times. She’s dabbled in cycling journalism as well, even writing for Bicycling on occasion. Now, she’s the subject of interviews after bursting onto the gravel scene with tenacity, a deep love of technical sections, an appreciation … Read more

How Cycling Changed Me – Sébastien Sasseville

Dan Aponte / Courtesy DexCom On me: Sébastien SassevilleAge: 42Hometown: Quebec City, CanadaOccupation: Motivational speakerTime Cycling: 13 yearsReason for Cycling: I cycle for fitness and for health. I also always have my best business and creative ideas when I cycle. I started to cycle more seriously when I trained for my first Ironman in 2009. … Read more