Shannon Sharpe Tried To Fight An Entire NBA Team In Bizarre Incident

While fans having altercations thankfully remain a fairly rare occurrence in top level sport, the NBA can rival any other league for the amount of such incidents that occur.

The reasons for that are fairly obvious. Fans can purchase courtside seats that essentially see them sit alongside the team benches, meaning that players can easily hear everything that is being said about them.

Some take it too far, with supporters being kicked out of games due to their treatment of players being something that happens a number of times in a given season.

In saying that, starting an altercation with the entire bench of a given team is something that you don’t often see. It is even rarer when the person at the center of the incident is a well-known celebrity.

Shannon Sharpe starts altercation with entire NBA team

Shannon Sharpe is a very well-known personality in America, going from a three-time Super Bowl winner during a hugely successful NFL career to one of the biggest stars on Fox Sports.

His remit is not limited to American football on the broadcaster, with the 54-year old discussing a wide range of sports. He has no interest in the NBA, although he doesn’t normally find himself as the center of attention at their games.

That all changed last night.

Sharpe was in attendance at the Arena to take in the game between the LA Lakers and the Memphis Grizzlies, with the TV personality known to be close to Lakers star LeBron James.

He took his commitment to their cause a bit too far on this occasion. Sitting courtside at the game, Sharpe got far too animated over the course of the game. That included exchanging some words with Grizzlies player Dillon Brooks, with things quickly getting out of control.

Their entire roster quickly became involved in an altercation with Sharpe after New Zealander Steven Adams stepped up to confront him. The two parties would be separated by security, with the father of star player Ja Morant also getting involved.

Not something you’d expect to see.

Sharpe was led away from the court in order to cool down, although he things seemed to be forgotten ahead of the fourth quarter in the game. He would share a few words with Tee Morant and the pair appeared to have gotten over the altercation.

He thoroughly enjoyed the end of the game, with the Lakers pulling off a dramatic 122-121 victory.

He’s lucky he didn’t start another row.

Speaking to the media after the game, LeBron James did not seem to have a problem with his friend’s behavior on the night.

I ride with Shannon 365 days – 366 on a leap year – 24/7. That’s my guy, I always got his back and he’s got mine.

He can talk with the best of them for sure.

The Lakers will host the Grizzlies once again on March 8th, so it will be interesting to see if Shannon Sharpe makes another appearance on that night.

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