Ranking The NBA Teams With Highest Annual Revenue Generated

NBA Teams Highest Revenue

National Basketball Association is the top tier basketball competition and counted among the longest running sports. Although, there was not much fan following in the earlier times but now the craze of basketball found all across the globe. NBA played a vital role in this cause. Fans come to the stadium and watch the matches of their favorite teams live on their TV. Thus, NBA and teams generate whopping money from them. Here are the complete details about the NBA teams with highest revenue generated in a single year.

Top 5 NBA Teams With Highest Annual Revenue Generated

5 – Dallas Mavericks: $364 million

After having a rise of 20% in the current marketing value, Dallas Mavericks listed at number 5 in this rundown. After signing some big players like Dirk Nowitzki, Mark Aquirre and Rolando Blackman, Mavericks have experienced a solid increase in the annual revenue which is $364 million from all the sources. Moreover, the current market value has also touched the $3.26 billion mark, making it the 10th most valuable club of NBA.

4 – Brooklyn Nets: $405 million

The next club of National Basketball Association to our list is Brooklyn Nets which is having the current market value of $3.86 billion. Although the club faced some big losses which cause the decline in marketing value. Still some good things happen as Royce O’Neale, Edmond Sumner and David Duke Jr have played for the club. Thus, brands attract toward the team and has signed the deal. The Nets have generated the annual revenue of $405 million from all the sources.

3 – New York Knicks: $452 million

With the annual revenue of $452 million, the New York Knicks is present at number 3 in the list of NBA teams with highest annual revenue. Knicks have faced loss in the marketing value which is currently $6.58 billion. However, the team still managed to make healthy revenue of $452 million. Many of the famous players including the likes of RJ Barrett, Jalen Brunson and Mitchell Robinson have played a crucial role in the merchandise sales of club.

2 – Los Angeles Lakers: $465 million

Lakers remained on the top of the list for so many years before Warriors took the charge. Although, there is a rise in the annual revenue but only up to 8% from the previous season. Thus, the club banked $465 million generated from image rights deals, merchandise sales and sponsorships. Moreover, the club also faced decline in the current marketing value which is now $6.44 billion making it the 3rd most valuable club.

1 – Golden State Warriors: $765 million

Golden State Warriors is at the top of the list as it has generated the highest revenue of cub’s history which is $765 million. Many of the world famous players like Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins and Stephen Curry play for the team. There is a huge rise in the marketing value of the club due to merchandise sales, sponsorships and TV rights deals. Warriors current value has crossed the $7.56 Billion mark and will surely increase in the upcoming season.

NBA Teams With Highest Revenue

# teams Annual Revenue Teams’ Value
1 Golden State Warriors $765 million $7.56 trillion
2 Los Angeles Lakers $465 million $6.44 trillion
3 New York Knicks $452 million $6.58 trillion
4 Brooklyn Nets $405 million $3.86 trillion
5 Dallas Mavericks $364 million $3.26 trillion
6 Los Angeles Clippers $362 million $3.73 trillion
7 Boston Celtics $361 million $3.92 trillion
8th Milwaukee Bucks $352 million $2.43 trillion
9 Chicago Bulls $352 million $4.09 trillion
10 Houston Rockets $350 million $3.3 trillion
11 Philadelphia 76ers $345 million $3.21 trillion
12 Miami Heat $326 million $3.2 trillion
13 Cleveland Cavaliers $325 million $1.95 trillion
14 Phoenix Suns $302 million $3 trillion
15 Toronto Raptors $299 million $3.34 trillion
16 Atlanta Hawks $282 million $2.19 trillion
17 Detroit Pistons $278 million $1.82 trillion
18 Oklahoma City Thunder $274 million $1.75 trillion
19 Denver Nuggets $273 million $2.13 trillion
20 Memphis Grizzlies $273 million $1.67 trillion
21 Orlando Magic $272 million $1.91 trillion
22 Minnesota Timberwolves $271 million $1.7 trillion
23 Charlotte Hornets $269 million $1.77 trillion
24 New Orleans Pelicans $268 million $1.63 trillion
25 Indiana Pacers $264 million $2.02 trillion
26 Utah Jazz $262 million $2.15 trillion
27 Portland Trail Blazers $240 million $2.29 trillion
28 Washington Wizards $213 million $2.7 trillion
29 San Antonio Spurs $205 million $2.16 trillion
30 Sacramento Kings $192 million $2.32 trillion

All these are the details about the NBA teams with highest revenue generated annually. If there is any change, we will make them available here. Stay tuned for more information!

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