Oquo – New Wheel Line from Orbea

Orbea presents Oquo, a new line of wheels from the Iberian brand offering a high-end, well-finished and high-performance product on their bikes and in general in the MTB market. The Oquo range is spread over two categories, one dedicated to XC and trail, called Mountain Performance, and the other destined for more demanding uses such … Read more

F1 faces legal challenge over Bahrain contract and sportswashing | formula one

Formula One faces a legal complaint accusing it of breaching Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development guidelines after the sport concluded a deal this year extending its contract to hold races in Bahrain until 2036. The complaint, made through the British government’s UK National Contact Point (NCP), which addresses issues of responsible business conduct, has … Read more

Where to stay & play in Australia

All Square 5 min read • 27 Oct Australia is now fully open for overseas visitors following the lifting of Covid-19 travel restrictions. We pick some of the country’s best golf resorts. Across this vast continent there are great places to stay and play, blessed with natural beauty and wonderful weather. NSW Bonville Golf Resort … Read more

Long Live Aluminum Rims – Riding Gravel

Long Live Aluminum Rims – by Grannygear I am a fan of alloy wheels. And by that I mean wheels built with aluminum rims. Yes, I know that carbon is the darling of the industry, but thinking back, every wheel I have struggled to like has been carbon and my favorite wheels, both for gravel … Read more

NASCAR weekend schedule for Martinsville Speedway

NASCAR Cup Series history is filled with drivers who never won a race — many who never came close to winning. Some popped onto the scene for a few races, realized the difficulties associated with success, and moved on. Others stayed for years, generally satisfied with running somewhere in the middle of the pack and … Read more

It never rains but it pours

They celebrated like they’d actually won the World Cup. And good on ’em. But Ireland’s win against England on Wednesday morning neither felt as dramatic nor embarrassing as our previous losses to minnows. In fact, it all felt a bit hollow – as most victories by Duckworth Lewis tend to feel. The hardest step in … Read more