“LeBron and Bronny James Are Our Cosby’s”: Baron Davis Asks NBA Community to Stop Picking on the James and Champion Them

LeBron James is one of the two greatest basketball players in NBA history. And although the King has just four NBA championships to his name, when it’s all said and done, the primary reason he will be hailed as the greatest is due to his longevity.

As per LeBron James himself, his long-standing desire has been to share the court with his son, Bronny James. Provided they do so, the James clan will become the first father-son duo to play together in the NBA in its 60+ year history.

And while the feat will be magnificent, as the media and fans always do, there have already been questions concerning Bronny James’ skillset and where he ranks amongst the best players of his class.

However, the one that has been prevalent on most supporters’ minds is who had the tougher route to the league: LeBron James or his son, Bronny James?

Former NBA point guard, Baron Davis has his say on the matter.

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Baron Davis compares LeBron James’ family to the Crosby’s

Baron Davis was a legitimate superstar during his peak. The former Golden State Warriors point guard captivated fans with his displays during his time in the league.

Recently, Davis made an appearance on the youtube channel ‘BgBoyTV’, and he shared his thoughts on a number of subjects.

Amongst them, one that stood out was the differentiation in the manner in which LeBron James was welcomed to the league, in comparison to what his son could experience. Davis heaped praise on the James family for the manner in which they portray themselves!

Davis said:

“We’ve been knowing Bronny even longer than we’ve been knowing LeBron. Just to see it, just the same amount of time. And shoutout to them, they family, him for being that positive beacon, like they are our Cosby’s! And I think people need to champion that”

A bizarre comparison from Davis. However, the manner in which the Cosby’s were reflected earlier is like how James and his family have been perceived. Bill Cosby was like the Godfather of the country before his dark secrets came out. And his family? The most ideal in the US.

Baron Davis is absolutely spot on here. For someone who has been awarded plenty of fame and fortune from a young age, LeBron James has not once been deterred from his path. Yet. He is a model example of what the ideal professional athlete should look like.

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The James family

Baron Davis is also right about the James clan. The family has never once behaved in a manner that could tarnish their reputation, and have been exemplary in their outlook on life, with a vibrant energy and positive attitude regardless of the situation.

As things stand, James is en route to breaking Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s scoring record of 38,387 points. Preliminary to the culmination of the regular season, best believe that the record will be broken. Another accolade for the James family!

LeBron James has been the embodiment of the perfect father, athlete, and husband. In a spectrum that is topped with the ability to skid through life from a minuscule mistake, James has lived up to all expectations surrounding him.

With Bronny James’ NBA debut on the horizon, it’s a testament to how the family has lived their lives. It would be prudent for the four-time NBA champion to look after his body, in spite of his fantastic durability as he aims to share the floor with James Jr.

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