LA Lakers and Dodgers’ $5.3 Billion Owner Brings MLB’s Philosophy to England as Chelsea Sign Players in Baseball-Like Contracts

Many owners of soccer clubs also own clubs from other sports simultaneously. These particular owners normally have a streamlined thought process. Even though the sport is different, they tend to carry out their business in a similar fashion. One of the most recent and popular cases is Chelsea F.C‘s owner, Todd Boehly. The American businessman also owns the LA lakers and Dodgers along with Chelsea.

In recent times, the fans have noticed Boehly surprisingly handing out incredibly long deals to Chelsea’s recent signings. This new philosophy has surely left many soccer fans scratching their heads.


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Boehly uses his philosophy from the LA Lakers and Dodgers!

It’s important to remember that this is Todd Boehly’s first experience in the soccer world. As an American, Boehly is bound to have more knowledge of basketball and basketball. This also explains his decision to first invest his money in the LA Lakers and then in LA Dodgers. Over the last few years, we’ve had quite a few wealthy American businessmen and celebrities invest in soccer franchises.

The Chelsea fans were already very varied when Todd Boehly was reportedly going to buy the club. Since the takeover, the American businessman has not shied away from splashing the cash in order to purchase quite a few shining soccer stars. However, soccer fans are quite confused after they saw Boehly offering gigantic seven-year deals to his new players.

It’s quite obvious that Boehly is trying to implement one of his strategic financial plans from the LA Lakers and Dodgers. MLB fans will probably relate to a term called amortization. When a soccer club signs a new player, the soccer club is due to pay a massive amount. However, through amortization, the soccer club can offer a long contract and spread that payment over the duration of that contract.


“Because I Had Messi” – LA Lakers and Dodgers’ $5.3 Billion Owner Urged to Put Faith in Struggling Coach for English Giants by Lionel Messi’s Former Manager

11 days ago

Stephen Taylor Heath, head of sports law at JMW Solicitors, spoke to the Athletic about one of the main benefits of amortization. Heath told the Athletic, “It could have the effect of increasing the length of commercial deals as well because you can guarantee to sponsors and partners that key players will still be part of the club for the long term”.

Todd Boehly’s era has a disastrous start!

While Todd Boehly tries to strategically balance his accounting books, the fans are extremely unhappy with the new signings. The fans cannot find a consistent ‘train of thought’ with Boehly. For the simple reason that the American businessman has spent pointless money on quite a few players that simply haven’t made the cut at Chelsea.


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Following that, these seven-year deals just keep on adding to the fan’s frustration. Anus shockingly parting ways with Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea’s manager, Graham Potter is finding it extremely hard to integrate many of Todd Boehly’s signings into his plans. Leaving aside the business front, Chelsea is currently in the worst form they’ve ever been in.


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