Josh Allen smirk says it all about lavish Bills campaign to win over OBJ

With everyone obsessing over where Odell Beckham Jr. will play next, one Buffalo reporter sees the answer to OBJ’s future in a smirk from Josh Allen.

There has been endless artistic interpretation over Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, including theories about whether or not da Vinci modeled the portrait after his own likeness.

Mona Lisa’s expression proves that a small, knowing smirk can captivate the public and inspire curiosity, so when Josh Allen smirked at a press conference question concerning Odell Beckham Jr.’s Buffalo Bills visit, Allen’s smile seemed to say it all.

When asked if he would play a role in the recruiting process during OBJ’s visit, Allen smiled and said, “We’ll see.”

“The smirk says more than the words,” wrote WIVB reporter Josh Reed.

Although Allen may not be at liberty to discuss the Bills’ recruitment process, the smile seems to indicate that Allen is indeed involved in trying to woo Beckham Jr. to join Buffalo’s roster. While the 9-3 team is coming off a big win over the New England Patriots on TNF, the Bills could use every advantage at their disposal. They currently have the No. 1 seed in the AFC East, but if they falter at any point, they could lose their division title to the Miami Dolphins or even the New York Jets.

With so much on the line, and with Super Bowl hopes heaped upon Buffalo for the first time in decades, the Bills will need to pull out all the stops — and that includes winning over the top free agent receiver on the market.

Josh Allen, Von Miller, Stefon Diggs all key to winning over OBJ for Buffalo Bills

Aside from their odds as the Super Bowl favorites, the Bills have more in their favor than Allen alone. The team already won over Von Miller, who has been hard at work recruiting Beckham since at least September. Beckham joked in Week 1 that whichever team emerged victorious between the Los Angeles Rams and the Buffalo Bills would be where he would sign, and the Bills ended up embarrassing the reigning Super Bowl champions.

“I mean he said whoever won this game, that’s where he was gonna go,” Miller said after his team won via CBS Sports. “There’s truth behind every joke. We just gotta see. He was a huge part of our success last year (in Los Angeles). Whenever he gets healthy, I’m sure there’s a lot of teams that will be wanting him.”

Surely enough, virtually every team is interested in Beckham, although he has limited his visits to a few select locations. With a Bills visit this weekend and a Dallas Cowboys visit on Monday, Beckham could have a tough time deciding between two powerful franchises.

But when it comes to Super Bowl contenders, there’s only been one consistent favorite all year — and they’re not based in Dallas.

Miller is joined by his fellow teammates in recruiting OBJ, including a likely Allen and a definite Stefon Diggs.

“I’m going to try my hardest,” Diggs said of recruiting Beckham, per FOX Sports’ Henry McKenna. “He’s a helluva player. Definitely adds to our offense weapons-wise. We got some guys that make a lot of plays right now, too. Can never have too many weapons.”

As OBJ contemplates a career in Buffalo, reporters are looking forward to every morsel that drops from his visit, including the tasting menu from a welcome feast put on by the Bills.

Cajun seafood pasta, steak and gooey butter cake — as if the peer pressure wasn’t enough, the enticing menu here shows that the team is committed to offering OBJ the culinary crème de la crème.

As one Bills fan noted, all Buffalo needs to do is put on the LSU game, and this one should be a done deal.

Perhaps what Allen knew all along was that the Bills had quite the package prepared to entice OBJ to sign, including an all-star roster. If Beckham wants another Super Bowl ring, he’ll know where to sign.

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