In this week’s MCN paper: TTS SuperBusa blows us away!

MCN cover 23 November 2022

MCN cover 23 November 2022


In your new edition of Motor Cycle News this week we’ve got the biggest stories in biking along with tests of the most modern metal and crucial kit you need to know about.

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Dear MCN reader,

We’ve been blown away this week by the sheer brilliance of the TTS SuperBusa. A stock Suzuki Hayabusa was also rather blown away as it said a nervous hello to the 370bhp limited edition. The clue to TTS SuperBusa’s incredible performance is its name.

Firstly, it comes from the home of big-power, TTS, while the ‘Super’ moniker refers to an atmosphere-swallowing supercharger that transforms it from hyperbike to a horizon-compressing missile that can still bimble to the shops with complete tame usability. It’s a fantastic two-fingered salute to mass-production sensibilities and market trends, and utterly glorious in its own right.

Market forces are a constant headache for bike manufacturers. Low volumes (relative to the car market) mean betting a big chunk of your company coffers on something risky could result in the sort of fiscal deficit even a payday loans company wouldn’t touch. But bland is dangerous, too.

But rather than trying to be all things to all bikers to protect against market swings, some manufacturers are pigeonholing themselves in order to chase greater brand clarity, efficiency and profitability. It’s brand-level genetic engineering.

Ducati reinforced their premium aspirations this week, and Norton are surging down the same street. Does this mean no accessible, road-friendly bikes from them in the future? No – just look at the car market. Twenty years ago, you rarely saw a Mercedes amidst the droves of Fords – but now they’re everywhere. Bring a premium brand ethos to multiple access points, add in a decent dose of near-endless factory personalization (and PCP to bring it all within reach), and you’re on to a winner. It’ll be fascinating to see what comes next.


Richard Newland

Editor, MCN

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