How Tech Innovation Changes the Tennis World 24/7

The sports industry is evolving and becoming more digitalized daily, and tennis couldn’t be an exception. Of course, the leading technology innovations’ goal is to help athletes and coaches constantly improve their performance and show better results during important championships.

Let’s start with the fact that this sport can hardly be called innovative because its classic rules remain unchanged, and no obvious technologies have been added. However, this is only at first glance since some systems are used behind the scenes. It’s not a secret that tech companies regularly release new technological solutions that can positively influence people’s lives. And one of them has already been tested in tennis and showed significant results, which simplified multiple processes and significantly helped players and their teams.

PlaySight PAT to Evaluate All Actions

Several decades ago, coaches had to run around the court while training tennis players, looking out for every detail. This process is necessary to assess the quality of the athletes’ performance, identify gaps, and build a more successful strategy for future competitions. Such actions were complicated and often led to mistakes since it often happened that something went overlooked. And the PlaySight company resolved this issue by presenting its innovative smart system, tracking all changes on the court.

The Challenge system is based on Artificial Intelligence and is widely common among coaches, players, and viewers. The latter can track all the events and follow the game process in real time. This technology is highly beneficial for fans of

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live streaming of all actions with a detailed analysis can help them place more successful bets. Overall, the PlaySight development provides those following the tennis match with such information:

  • A thorough analysis of all actions: the system allows following each blow from different perspectives and angles, slowing down or speeding up the video to evaluate the technical side of the game
  • Strict line control: the technology helps to see whether the ball was out of the court when controversial situations arise
  • Measuring the ball speed: it allows evaluating all ball parameters during the game, including its rotations after every hit
  • Gathering detailed match statistics: overall, the system evaluates over 30 indicators, including the number of points won, quantity and speed of strikes, the total distance covered in a session, and the percentage of forehand and backhand shots per game.

This innovation is beneficial since everyone can join the streaming: it starts as soon as a user scans an appropriate QR code. The video broadcast can be accessed anytime from any device, whether a PC or smartphone. Moreover, the program immediately transfers all data into the Cloud, allowing one to get the match analysis whenever needed.

Evident Benefits of the System’s Usage

Almost no tennis matches go smoothly without arguing with referees or even fights among rivals. Players often express their anxiety and dissatisfaction right on the tennis court, which can even lead to significant fines. In addition, no matter how qualified referees are, they are also people who are prone to mistakes even during the most important championship. On the other hand, AI is unbiased and is not likely to make errors, which allows PlaySight Challenge appropriately evaluate all actions and resolve disputes immediately.

Viewers can also take advantage of the technology and follow all matches in real time. The innovation will be especially interesting for tennis geeks who don’t want to miss any single detail when following the performance of their favorite athletes. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence is constantly evolving, so the world will definitely see even more technologies implemented in sports.

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