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Casinos have been a part of the leisure and entertainment industry for ages. The first casinos emerged in Europe around the 1600s and continued to evolve throughout the 1700s and 1800s, eventually transforming into what they represent nowadays.

The casino world has a varied catalog in present days, consisting of many games, ranging from traditional poker and blackjack, which imply the use of a deck of cards, to European games like roulette, the famous slots which have been created in the US, and the sports betting industry.

For sports fans, betting is a choice which completes their passion. Bettors have plenty of sports to choose from, including football, hockey, basketball, tennis, and baseball. Still, football is the most famous sport in the betting industry, especially in Europe. Europeans have plenty of sports competitions throughout the year. Among the most publicized are UEFA Champions League, the World Cupand Europe League.

The emergence of the internet

the Internet has created numerous opportunities for countless businesses. Online casinos are undoubtedly the creation of the digital and tech era.

They are widespread not only across Great Britain but also all over the globe. Online gambling platforms represent an ideal choice for those who want to play casino games or bet from the comfort of their homes or without going to a specific location.

Moreover, nowadays, smartphones have become essential in our day-to-day lives. We can use such a device to communicate, work, relax, or play games; that is why many online gambling companies have created apps for their services or have adapted their websites to work flawlessly on mobile browsers.

The need for regulation

Every business field must be regulated for a transparent business and the public’s safety. The same applies or both land-based and online casinos.

In places where gambling is legal, the state’s government usually appoints a council or commission to oversee and regulate the gambling market. In the UK, the UK’s Gambling Commission, or the UKGC, holds and supervises all the brick-and-mortar casinos and bookkeepers’ agencies in the country, as well as the online casinos and betting services providers.

Why is gambling legislation so important?

First, gambling needs to be regulated like any other business activity in the UK. Imagine if all the restaurants in the country had no specific rules and regulations. You wouldn’t have the guarantee of safe food and cooking practices, nor the promise of a fair price.

Gambling operators must pay taxes as all business entities do. They also have to ensure fairness in each game they provide, and they are obliged to establish the best practices for handling clients’ personal and financial data.

The need for a legal frame in the casino world didn’t emerge once online gambling took off. It had existed for tens of years when only land-based casino options were available to the public. Land-based casinos also had to comply with a strict set of rules, pay taxes, and ensure that each client was safely using their services.

Organizing casinos without adhering to national and local rules was prohibited, which is why poker rooms and other underground locations for casino games operated illegally.

illegal gambling

Illegal gambling is a real problem, especially in Great Britain. KingCasinoBonusa company which reviews and rates online casino sites and bonuses, showed that over 1000 British citizens create gambling accounts on unregulated platforms each month.

Unfortunately, the numbers are expected to grow in the following years. The same report estimates that by 2025, the number of British gamblers who create accounts on illicit platforms will almost double, reaching 2000 people per month.

Unregulated platforms pose a real threat to gamblers, as they do not offer the guarantee of fair games nor the assurance of data protection. Many unregulated platforms expose clients to fraud and scams, which could endanger their finances and personal data, such as National Insurance Number.

When a business is not regulated and doesn’t operate legally, it can be much harder for authorities to bring scammers to justice. Also, it happens very rarely for clients to manage to recover the money they lost. This situation doesn’t apply to legit platforms, where refunds are always made, and mistakes are settled in the best way possible.


The best way to combat illegal gambling is to educate players on the dangers and to support legit businesses. Gamblers who want to make sure that they choose a legitimate online platform for gambling or betting should always check the first page of the website or app.

Legitimate companies usually display their licenses on the first page or every visitor to see and check. Also, legit gambling businesses collaborate with reputable payment services like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, or Maestro.

For those who gamble online, the best method to stay safe and protect their data is to always go for reputable gambling platforms.

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