F1 2022 head-to-heads: Who dominated their teammate?

With the dust having settled on F1’s longest-ever season, we’ve taken a look at the outcomes of the intra-team battles, and compare how the drivers stacked up against their teammates in both qualifying and the races.

So, which drivers dominated their teammates and who faltered? Here are the final scores…

Red Bull – Verstappen vs Perez

Race head to head: Verstappen 17-5 Perez

wins: Verstappen 15, Perez 2

Qualifying head to head: Verstappen 18-4 Perez

Poles: Verstappen 7, Perez 1

Champions: Verstappen 1st (454 points), Perez 3rd (305 points)

There were no surprises at Red Bull as Max Verstappen comprehensively out-performed Sergio Perez in every department during his dominant charge to a second world title, with the Dutchman recording the most victories and second-highest amount of pole positions in 2022.

Ferrari – Leclerc vs Sainz

Race head to head: Leclerc 12-9 Sainz (Both retired in Baku)

wins: Leclerc 3, Sainz 1

Qualifying head to head: Leclerc 15-7

Poles: Leclerc 9, Sainz 2

Champions: Leclerc 2nd (308 points), Sainz 5th (246 points)

Both Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz enjoyed their strongest F1 campaigns to date, even if Ferrari fell short of challenging for both world championships. Qualifying largely went in Leclerc’s favor as the Monegasque topped Saturday more than any other driver, but on race days, Sainz provided Leclerc with a sterner test.

Mercedes-Hamilton vs. Russell

Race head to head: Russell 12-10 Hamilton

Best result: Russell 1st (x1), Hamilton 2nd (x5)

Qualifying head to head: Hamilton 13-9 Russell

Best result: Russell 1st (x1), Hamilton 3rd (x2)

Champions: Russell 4th (275 points), Hamilton 6th (240 points)

The stats will show that George Russell outperformed Lewis Hamilton in his first season alongside the seven-time world champion at Mercedes, but that doesn’t quite tell the full story of F1 2022. Hamilton had the edge over Russell in qualifying but it was his younger teammate who came out on top in the Sunday head-to-heads and the championship.

Alpine – Alonso vs Ocon

Race head to head: Ocon 12-9 Alonso (Both retired in Singapore)

Best result: Ocon 4th (x1), Alonso 5th (x3)

Qualifying head to head: Alonso 12-10 Ocon

best result: Alonso 2nd (x1), Ocon 5th (x5)

Champions: Ocon 8th (92 points), Alonso 9th (81 points)

Esteban Ocon did a very respectable job against Fernando Alonso in F1 2022, proving more than a match for the two-time world champion, however the Spaniard’s final championship position is somewhat skewed by a higher number of reliability issues and retirements.

McLaren-Norris vs Ricciardo

Race head to head: Norris 16-5 Ricciardo (Both retired in Brazil)

Best result: Norris 3rd (x1), Ricciardo 6th (x1)

Qualifying head to head: Norris 19-2 Ricciardo

Best result: Norris 3rd (x1), Ricciardo 6th (x1)

Champions: Norris 7th (122 points), Ricciardo 11th (37 points)

For the second successive year, Daniel Ricciardo proved no match for teammate Lando Norris as his struggles continued amid a miserable season that ultimately paved the way for his early exit. Norris was a class above Ricciardo in all departments in F1 2022 and collected well over double the amount of points than the Australian managed.

Alfa Romeo – Bottas vs Zhou

Race head to head: Bottas 14-7 Zhou (Both retired in Great Britain)

Best result: Botta’s 5th (x1), Zhou 8th (x1)

Qualifying head to head: Botta’s 14-8 Zhou

Best result: Botta’s 5th (x1), Zhou 9 (x1)

Champions: Botta’s 10th (49 points), Zhou 18th (6 points)

Following his winter switch from Mercedes, Valtteri Bottas had the measure of rookie teammate Zhou Guanyu in qualifying and the races, though the majority of his points finishes came when Alfa Romeo enjoyed their peak competitiveness at the start of the year, while Zhou was hit by early reliability trouble.

Aston Martin – Vettel vs Stroll and Hulkenberg vs Stroll

Race head to head: Vettel 10-9 Stroll, Hulkenberg 1-1 Stroll (Vettel and Stroll both retired in Italy)

Best result: Vettel 6th (x2), Stroll 6th (x1), Hulkenberg 12th (x1)

Qualifying head to head: Vettel 13-7 Stroll, Hulkenberg 1-1 Stroll

Best result: Stroll 7th (x1), Vettel 9th ​​(x5), Hulkenberg 17th (x1)

Champions: Vettel 12th (37 points), Stroll 15th (18 points), Hulkenberg 22nd (0 points)

In his final season racing in F1, Sebastian Vettel usually held the upper hand over Lance Stroll on Saturdays, despite the latter managing the team’s best qualifying result of the season. On race day, Vettel only just shaded his Aston Martin teammate in the final head-to-heads but still scored double the amount of points.

Haas – Schumacher vs Magnussen

Race head to head: Schumacher 14-6 Magnussen (Schumacher withdrawn in Saudi Arabia, both retired in Monaco)

Best result: Magnussen 5th (x1), Schumacher 6th (x1)

Qualifying head to head: Magnussen 16-6 Schumacher

Best result: Magnussen 1st (x1), Schumacher 6th (x1)

Champions: Magnussen 13th (25 points), Schumacher 16th (12 points)

It might be a surprise to see Mick Schumacher getting the better of teammate Kevin Magnussen in the race-day head-to-heads, but it was the Dane who claimed Haas’ standout results of the season – both on Saturday and Sunday – with Magnussen’s taking a memorable shock pole in Brazil and fifth place finish at the season-opener in Bahrain.

AlphaTauri – Gasly vs Tsunoda

Race head to head: Gasly 13-8 Tsunoda (Tsunoda did not start in Saudi Arabia)

Best result: Gasly 5th (x1), Tsunoda 7th (x1)

Qualifying head to head: Gasly 13-9 Tsunoda

Best result: Gasly 6th (x2), Tsunoda 8th (x2)

Champions: Gasly 14th (23 points), Tsunoda 17th (12 points)

With AlphaTauri’s AT03 challenger slipping back in the competitive pecking order, points were few and far between for both Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda in 2022. Nevertheless, it was Gasly who held the advantage in every metric to claim the bragging rights for intra-team honours .

Williams – Albon vs Latifi and de Vries vs Latifi

Race head to head: Albon 16-4 Latifi, de Vries 1-0 Latifi (Albon and Latifi both retired in Singapore)

Best result: Albon 9th (x1), Latifi 9th (x1), de Vries 9th (x1)

Qualifying head to head: Albon 19-2 Latifi, de Vries 1-0 Latifi

Best result: Albon 9th (x1), Latifi 10th (x1), de Vries (13th x1)

Champions: Albon 19th (4 points), Latifi 20th (2 points), de Vries 21st (2 points)

Alex Albon absolutely dominated Nicholas Latifi on his impressive full-time F1 return with Williams in 2022. Meanwhile, the Grove-based outfit were the only team that scored points with three drivers, thanks to Nyck de Vries’ superb stand-in cameo at Monza .

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