Commonwealth Games Cycling Time Trial start list and departure times

Cyclists were out on Wednesday learning the route before Thursday's time trial
Cyclists were out on Wednesday learning the route before Thursday’s time trial

A total of 83 competitors – 36 women and 57 men – will be leaving Wolverhampton’s West Park between 10am and 2.30pm in the first cycling road event of Birmingham 2022. From there they will race around the streets of Wolverhampton, Dudley and South Staffs before returning to the point of departure.

The route will take riders through Wolverhampton, Dudley and a large surrounding area

Each rider sets off one minute apart, allowing them to fully focus on achieving their fastest possible time without trying to one-up their competitors’ position or hit traffic.

The organizers have now released the entry list for both races, and the order in which the cyclists will appear.

The female athletes will depart West Park from 10.01am-10.36am, while the men will be setting off from 12.01pm-12.28pm and 2.01pm-2.29pm.

10.01am – Olivia Lett (Gibraltar)

10.02am – Sarah Racheal Nanyanzi (Uganda)

10.03am – Jessica Carridge (Isle of Man)

10.04am – Anna Morris (Wales)

10.05am – Elaine Pratts (Gibraltar)

10.06am – Anri Krugel (Namibia)

10.07am – Joanna Patterson (Northern Ireland)

10.08am – Henrietta Christie (New Zealand)

10.09am – Caitlin Conyers (Bermuda)

10.10am – Rebecca Storrie (Isle of Man)

10.11am – Hayley Preen (South Africa)

10.12am – Abi Smith (England)

10.13am – Alicia Thompson (Belize)

10.14am – Vera Looser (Namibia)

10.15am – Diane Ingabire (Rwanda)

10.16am – Aurelie Halbwachs (Mauritius)

10.17am – Kerry Jonker (South Africa)

10.18am – Leah Kirchmann (Canada)

10.19am – Jacqueline Tuyishime (Rwanda)

10.20am – Neah Evans (Scotland)

10.21am – Elynor Backstedt (Wales)

10.22am – Mikayla Harvey (New Zealand)

10.23am – Sarah Roy (Australia)

10.24am – Simone Boulard (Canada)

10.25am – Teniel Campbell (Trinidad and Tobago)

10.26am – Antri Christoforou (Cyprus)

10.27am – Anna Henderson (England)

10.28am – Georgia Baker (Australia)

10.29am – Georgia Williams (New Zealand)

10.30am – Anna Shackley (Scotland)

10.31am – Lizzie Holden (Isle of Man)

10.32am – Leah Dixon (Wales)

10.33am – Joscelin Lowden (England)

10.34am – Alison Jackson (Canada)

10.35am – Grace Brown (Australia)

10.36am – Ashleigh Moolman Pasio (South Africa)

Medal ceremony at 11.30am

12.01pm – Christopher Bennet Symonds (Ghana)

12.02pm – Tyler Hannay (Isle of Man)

12.03pm – Cory Williams (Belize)

12.04pm – Samuel O’Shea (Gibraltar)

12.05pm – Sam Talbot (British Virgin Islands)

12.06pm – Jack Rebours (Jersey)

12.07pm – Delroy Carty (Anguilla)

12.08pm – Sebastian Tremlett (Guernsey)

12.09pm – Felix Neely (Bahamas)

12.10pm – Yohan Monthy (Seychelles)

12.11pm – Finn Crockett (Scotland)

12.12pm – Henry Djangmah (Ghana)

12.13pm – Jim Horton (Falkand Islands)

12.14pm – Conor Delanbanque (Antigua and Barbuda)

12.15pm – Marc Cox (Guernsey)

12.16pm – Christopher Rougier Lagane (Mauritius)

12.17pm – Michael Testori (Cayman Islands)

12.18pm – Kaden Hopkins (Bermuda)

12.19pm – Michael Foley (Canada)

12.20pm Byiza Renus Uhiriwe (Rwanda)

12.21pm – Charles Kagimu (Uganda)

12.22pm – Nicholas Narraway (Bermuda)

12.23pm – Oscar Quiroz (Belize)

12.24pm – Daryl Impey (South Africa)

12.25pm ​​- Lucas Plapp (Australia)

12.26pm – Tom Sexton (New Zealand)

12.27pm – Fred Wright (England)

12.28pm – Owain Doull (Wales)

2.01pm – Aidan Buttigieg (Malta)

2.02pm – Mark Lett (Gibraltar)

2.03pm – Christopher Griffith (Guyana)

2.04pm – Mario Joseph Ernesta (Seychelles)

2.05pm – Dean Robson (Jersey)

2.06pm – Derek Barbara (Gibraltar)

2.07pm – Matlhogonolo Botlhole (Botswana)

2.08pm Victor Magalhaes (Cayman Islands)

2.09pm – Sam Culverwell (Guernsey)

2.10pm – Lorin Sawyer (Bahamas)

2.11pm – Leon Mazzone (Isle of Man)

2.12pm – Conor White (Bermuda)

2.13pm – Darel Christopher Jr (British Virgin Islands)

2.14pm – Giovanni Lovell (Belize)

2.15pm – Dirk Jacobus Coetzee (Namibia)

2.16pm – Hasani Hennis (Anguilla)

2.17pm – Moise Mugisha (Rwanda)

2.18pm – Darren Rafferty (Northern Ireland)

2.19pm – Andreas Miltiadis (Cyrpus)

2.20pm – Alexandre Mayer (Muaritius)

2.21pm – Mark Stewart (Scotland)

2.22pm – Gustav Basson (South Africa)

2.23pm – Pier Andre Cote (Canada)

2.24pm – Aaron Gate (New Zealand)

2.25pm ​​- John Archibald (Scotland)

2.26pm – Dan Bigham (England)

2.27pm – Reinardt Janse van Rensburg (South Africa)

2.28pm – Rohan Dennis (Australia)

2.29pm – Geraint Thomas (Wales)

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